Short Term Aims/Goals (1­3 Years)

  • More and continued research into the state of the industry to be undertaken
  • To build the organisational structure and refine the aims of the network
  • Start promotion of the network to encouraging membership.
  • To enlist key industry figures in supporting our aims.
  • Funding applications and securing of grants
  • To build a website where affiliates could log in to their own sections. This website would facilitate ease in networking (be able to message other cinemas easily). This would require a website and domain.

Medium Term Aims/Goals (3­6 Years)

  • Adopt, overhaul and build upon the BKSTS training certification for projectionists
  • Apprenticeships training of two or three people a year in the profession across cinemas form maximum experience.
  • To advocate and raise the profile of the medium through social and national media
  • Licensing of profession bringing standards up both cinemas and staff. This needs to be recognised in industry both in projection and further.
  • To facilitate in the repair and reproduction of 35mm prints

Long Term Aims/Goals (6-­10 Years)

  • To set a standard for presentation and heritage as a worldwide example
  • To be in the position to fully support where possible the future of celluloid film in the UK